After supporting small businesses and organisations for over 10 years, we realised so many small businesses are suffering from 'bad bookkeeping'. Most business owners are not accountants themselves, so they are not best placed for hiring, training or supervising their bookkeepers.

2E Bookkeepers is an associate business of 2E Accountants. We use our tried and tested method of sourcing talented bookkeepers to turn your bookkeeping into a business strength.

More Than Just 
'The Books'.

2e helped us source a candidate we wouldn't have found on our own. We're delighted with the newest member of our team!

We'd reached a point where the right financial help was vital to our success. 2e took the time to understand our needs and find the right fit.


Your satisfaction is our success. We don't charge an additional fee for a replacement candidate, if it doesn’t work out in the first  month (for permanent staff).

We have a range of highly qualified candidates, including those who may already be on jobs, expanding the pool and making a good fit more likely.

We save you the time you'd spend recruiting and interviewing candidates, leaving you to focus on your business. Our candidates excel at helping you save, too.

We charge a competitive percentage of the contract value as the recruitment fee, limited to a maximum of 1 year on long-term or permanent contracts.