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We are 2E Bookkeepers – specialist recruiters for bookkeepers and accountants. 


We're an accountants recruiting firm with a track record of hiring great talent, then training & supporting them to do a fantastic job of helping clients with their bookkeeping & accounting.

R Brown

3 Years' Experience

Last job: Accounts Assistant in an SME

£24k p.a.


We find the best bookkeepers, accounts assistants, finance managers and finance controllers 


We interview, evaluate and match candidates with your business requirements using our industry expertise


We offer contract-to-hire, short- or long-term assistance and permanent placements 


Are you looking for an accountant?

We'd love to help you find the right candidate.


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1. Can you provide bookkeepers anywhere in UK?

Currently our focus is London based bookkeepers and accountants.

2. Do you only help with recruiting employees or also freelancers?

Our aim is to find the best fit for your needs. Most candidates are interested in employment but we also have a large number of freelancers on our database. If you are looking for a part-time freelance bookkeeper or accountant please get in touch.


3. What accounting software your bookkeepers and accountants are experienced in?

Our accountants & bookkeepers are experienced in most of the available accounting softwares currently in the market. Most commonly Xero, Clearbooks, FreeAgent, Quickbooks, Sage, SAP, Wave, Keytime, Kashflow ,VT+, and of course spreadsheets!


4. ​What range of salary do the candidates expect?

Salary expectations among the candidates vary a lot. Depending on where they are in their careers, the qualification, level of experience, previous employers and achievements, the expected salary ranges from £20k-25k at lower end to £60k-80k p.a. at the higher end.